Google Play Store down by Cheetah Move

The Rabbit is a benchmark ingested application for Android mobile device users that often provides some details about some devices that have not yet been officially released. Recently, however, Google has launched all three Rabbit Benchmark apps from its own Play Store, including The Rabbit Review, the 3D Review, and the AI Review. Apparently, this was part of the search giant’s crackdown on cheetah mobile violations, but The Rabbit said it had been mistakenly injured.

Google Play Store down by Cheetah Move

Cheetah Mobile, a company that has been the media’s multiple media outlets, has previously been accused of repeatedly violating Play Store policies. In addition, the company owns a stake in An Rabbit, so the latter is implicated also has some consideration.

Cheetah Mobile still has several Android apps on its home page, but the link to the Google Play Store has expired. As for the relationship between the two companies, perhaps a little bit of one or two can be learned from business databases such as Tian Yan.”

Fu Sheng, for example, is the CEO of Cheetah Mobile India and the chairman and general manager of Beijing An Rabbit Technology Co., Ltd.

In his defense, Ann Sent a statement to Android Police said the next flight was due to Google’s misjudgment:

On March 7, we received an email notification from Google that Ann Rabbit was one of Cheetah Mobile’s relevant publishing accounts, so all of its apps were removed from the Play Store.

But in fact, we think there is some misunderstanding in this move, because The Rabbit is not a related account of Cheetah Mobile. Founded in 2011 long before Cheetah Mobile, We are one of the old developers of Google Play.

Even after being partially owned by Cheetah Mobile, Ann Rabbit retains a significant number of company shares and a separately operated Google Play account.

Cheetah Mobile has never touched our Google Play account, and The Rabbit itself has not promoted Cheetah Mobile’s software.

Perhaps the reason Google was misjudged may have been that we purchased and used legal services from Cheetah Mobile, so our privacy policy is linked to the’s WEB address.

As part of the effort, Rabbit has considered replacing other legitimate service providers. As for The reason why Fu Sheng is chairman / general manager of An Rabbit, it is also due to the demands of investors.

In fact, many Chinese companies have come up with similar additions when investing. That is, when the shareholding reaches a certain proportion, it is necessary to change the record information in the relevant government agency.

In addition, the company is actually operated by the Henan branch of Beijing Rabbit Technology Co., Ltd. (, Fu Sheng himself is not involved in the operation or management of An Rabbit.

In any case, we have asked Cheetah Mobile, an investor, to address the problems it raises. At the same time, I hope that Google can carefully check the account of The Rabbit rabbit, in order to finally resolve this misunderstanding.