Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla’s in trouble again. Recently, a Tesla owner tweeted that his own domestic Tesla Model 3 vehicle controller hardware for HW2.5 (Hardware 2.5), with environmental information with the list of cars marked HW3.0 does not match, suspected hardware downgrade to deceive consumers.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Screenshot of weibo

Tesla then issued an official statement on March 3rd, saying that because the supply chain is not yet perfect, there is a mix of HW2.5 and HW3.0 in the current delivery of the domestic Model 3, and that as production capacity and supply chain recovers, Tesla plans to continue to build a domestic Model for controller hardware for HW2.5. 3 Free replacement of HW3.0 hardware.

For a while, this was the biggest crisis for smart cars.

How do I confirm your hardware version?

Before we discuss this, let’s take a look at how to confirm your hardware version of Model 3. In the current known hW2.5 and HW3.0 usage differences, the easiest way is to find an “ice cream barrel” barricade to see if the Autopilot system can be identified and displayed on the central control screen, if it can represent the installation of HW3.0 hardware, if not recognized means that the car installed HW2.5 hardware.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla’s locomotive system identifies “ice cream” barricades

The alternative is relatively complex, with a cover under the glove box in front of the co-pilot, which needs to be removed from four retention bolts, and after opening the cover, a white sticker with the Tesla logo can be seen near the left, in the first row of numbers above. If the first 7 is 1462554 represents HW3.0, and if the number of the first 7 is 1483112 represents the installation of HW2.5, consider contacting Tesla to replace the hardware.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

The back image of the opening of the cover under the Tesla Model 3 glove box

HW2.5 in “Pumping” Don’t worry, “Enough for you”

The fundamental difference between the two hardware is on the main computing chip. The HW2.5 uses Nvidia’s chip, while the HW3.0 uses Tesla’s self-developed FSD chip, a 21-fold increase in data processing power and a 20% reduction in costs for AI chips. This side confirms that Tesla’s replacement of HW3.0 with HW2.5 is indeed due to capacity and supply chain, not to reduce costs.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla FSD chip performance improvement

Tesla made it clear in the second half of its official statement that the vehicles fitted with the FSD kit were equipped with HW3.0 hardware, while the HW2.5 and HW3.0 versions of the hardware were functionally different in Tesla’s standard Autopilot system, so owners need not worry about the difference in use.

Tesla’s entire official statement can be simply and brutally understood as, “only you have optional FSD will need HW3.0’s power strength, no optional hW2.5 is enough for you to use, now I am anxious to deliver, with the owner I first take ready-made hardware to deal with, and so I come up and then give you a replacement”, The tone may not be so dismissive, but it does mean so.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla’s Official Statement

In fact, the hardware replacement this matter is not complicated, because Tesla’s chip itself is a removable structure, the purpose is to replace the convenience of later, that is, to a Tesla Model 3 replacement chip is not easy, no more than to give the computer to replace the CPU too much.

So for car owners and prospective owners, if you’re installing An FSD, you shouldn’t be in the case of HW2.5, and if you don’t have an optional, your chip computing power isn’t that strong, but it’s basically enough to handle Tesla’s standard Autopilot computing needs.

And the follow-up can also be booked to replace the HW3.0 hardware for free, in general, Tesla this time “chip door” to solve is not difficult.

The adoring Tesla, the light is fading

It seems like it’s over now, but it’s not over.

If you’ve known the glory of Tesla boss Elon Musk, it’s hard not to be drawn to his personal charm, and I’ve been a big fan of him, from the original city news software to the American “Alipay” Paypal to the later Tesla and SpaceX, Elon.¬†Musk is fulfilling his “unrealistic” dreams in a near-surreal way.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Elon Musk and his TESLA

That’s why something needs to be given up on the way to your dream. In 2013, When Tesla entered China, only the Model S was on sale, positioning it at high end and being expensive, and most of its users were loyal fans of Tesla, treating it as a toy that could naturally accommodate most of its shortcomings.

Tesla then entered a stage of repeated ticket-hopping, waiting for the long-overdue Model 3 not to begin with domestic deliveries until 2018, and as the price of the product went down, Tesla’s user base shifted from its original loyal fans to the average consumer, and because of the aura of the past, New users expect Tesla to be a near-perfect car.

Tesla let them down. After attracting a lot of attention through the Model 3, Tesla had already seen hope of a big increase in orders, but at a key node in the build-up to the word-of-mouth boost, it did a series of bizarre things, with frequent price adjustments.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla’s 2018-2019 Partial Price Adjustment Summary

Such a “rapid response” price changes, so that the old car owners can not prevent, “lift the car for two months, blood loss of 300,000”, “want to add to life?” Buy Tesla” banners are full of straight stores, making people angry, but there’s no way. The price rise, fall and fall also reflect a feature of Tesla, on the one hand through flexible price reduction to stimulate sales, but also determined not to let themselves suffer: “tariffs cut I do not earn more than you, but the tariff increase I also want to increase prices, the cost increase I also want to increase prices.” “

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla Car Owners’ Rights

Such frequent adjustment has an invisible disadvantage, the user’s heart is creating a crisis of trust in the brand, so that buying a car becomes like buying a stock “high risk”, you never know whether its price has “bottomed out”, or whether it is currently “high”, and such a consumer mentality, Also let the order this matter more need to be considered and considered, once hurt consumers, will eventually return.

At the end of the day, Tesla has the same character as Elon Musk, and they’re hard enough, but also “self.” However, when once”s iron powder users become the average consumer today, there will not be so many people who choose to embrace Tesla’s waywardness.

Tesla has not paid attention to, a sale of goods, any thing is not consistent with publicity, should be promptly announced, even if consumers do not care, you can not care, this is the most basic rights of consumers. This matter can not help but think deeply, if not found, is not a lot of car owners until the upgrade of FSD, will not find their car chips and others are not the same?

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Domestic Model 3 with mixing problem

Could have made a statement in advance, in the previous batch of domestic Model 3, Its hardware version may be temporarily HW2.5, and in the follow-up initiative to arrange a free upgrade of the owner, or at the time of delivery to apologize to the owner, and with a small amount of free overcharge, so that the owner feels balanced, but also a lot of praise, but Tesla chose to remain silent.

Tesla’s strength is that it is king, and its disadvantage is that it is too much of a product power king. It is not ignorant of what the user wants, but for the self-confidence it, the so-called door seams are uneven, the appearance of the coverage of high and low uneven, rainy days inside the car leakage and other low-level assembly process defects, will not be a reason to block the user to buy, so it does not care.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Tesla Model 3 Rainy Day Leaks

By the time the domestic Model 3 was delivered, the mixing of new and old versions of the vehicle controller hardware, the mixing of domestic LG and imported Panasonic batteries all occurred without prior notice. All the actions suggest that all of Tesla’s current actions are sales and delivery priorities, and that, as for quality control and user maintenance, that’s after the pressure to survive.

It just forgets one thing, a car selling for more than 300,000 yuan, even if it is smart, but also first of all in terms of workmanship and materials can afford its price, otherwise, it always lacks a luxury brand foundation.

Tesla’s road ahead will still be full of bumps

Tesla has had a long run of good times since model 3 was no longer limited in capacity, and its share price has soared from a 52-week low of $176.99 per share to $968.99 a share, and despite the recent decline in the global outbreak, it still has a market capitalisation of more than $130 billion.

Over the past few years, Tesla’s sales have really gone unchallenged, and apart from the product itself being attractive enough, none of the competitors on the market have been able to beat. But by 2020, the war is just beginning.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

BMW i4 Concept Car

Objectively, Tesla’s price is enough, but it still costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to own it, and if you spend the money, you’ll want it to be worth it, to get a car that’s really worth hundreds of thousands, and the services that are coming. For Tesla, selling cars is more like a hammer deal, but for users, it’s the beginning of a years-long relationship.

The conflict between the two sides has long existed, but Tesla has chosen to ignore it for the time being, and if it can’t change its self-perception and improve service levels, the current high sales are just overdrafting user trust.

In contrast to the traditional car company, BMW is due to launch this year, and it has released an i4 concept car, which is expected to start production in 2021, Mercedes-Benz EQC and Audie-tron have also begun to deliver, become the Model S and Model X of the same price, in addition to the service-oriented NIO, Also ready EC6 to “hard touch” with Model Y.

Tesla on the altar is becoming what I hate.

Volkswagen ID.3

Electric cars, which are cheaper than Tesla’s, are not all “mixed.” Volkswagen’s ID.3 and ID first saw the two new cars go on sale in China this year, and Toyota and BYD have formed a joint venture to further compress Tesla’s survival. When the real “enemy” enters, the contrast will follow, the old car companies have deep roots, there is a wealth of after-sales network protection, the new forces of the car through the service to enhance competitiveness, compared to the intelligent Tesla, not necessarily win the future.

You could say this is because Tesla’s marketing ideas are too “straight”, or it can be understood that Tesla doesn’t respect consumers’ right to know, but it’s safe to say that if it doesn’t make changes in time, more and more products will have the ability to block it and steal more users from it, and the so-called smart car concept, And it’s definitely not just doing well.