Pichai reveals Google’s massive new crown outbreak response

Google CEO Sandal Pichai sent a memo to company employees as the new virus outbreak continued to ravage the world and led to a historic plunge in U.S. stocks on Monday,media reported. The memo details the company’s massive response to the health crisis, with one version shared with journalists and the public. Mr Pichai called it an “unprecedented moment” and that Google must “remain calm and take responsibility – because we have a lot of people counting on us.” “

Pichai reveals Google's massive new crown outbreak response

It is understood that Google’s many measures include setting up a 24-hour incident response team that is in sync with WHO, testing its ability to increase remote work throughout the organization, and the change of some office workers to wfh (working from home), A $25 million in donated advertising credit to the WHO and other government agencies, and a healthcare subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is developing a wearable mini-temperature patch that can transfer data to mobile apps. Such a patch is designed to inform the fever in a timely manner and to support the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as neo-coronaviruses.

In addition, Google will launch advanced Hangouts Meet video conferencing for all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers worldwide by July 1. “We are also adding resources to support the growing demand for public live streaming on YouTube,” Pichai wrote in the memo. We’re seeing a growing interest in the affected areas because when people can’t go to the affected areas in person, they want to be able to make virtual connections with the local community. “

Other important steps That Google has taken and are taking include:

On YouTube, content claiming to be able to prevent the new corona virus rather than seek treatment was blocked, and ads using the virus were blocked, with thousands of ads believed to have been blocked in the past six weeks.

Of course, search is also an important part of Google’s response. “People continue to google for vaccine information, travel advice and prevention advice,” Pichai said in the memo. Our SOS search alert links people to the latest news and security tips and links to more authoritative information from WHO. “