The first version of “King Kong ” (1933) movie is back on the big screen

A classic monster movie will hit the big screen again, but it will only be shown for one day, according tomedia. The first edition of “King Kong,” co-starring Faye Ray, Robert Armstrong and Bruce Cabot, will open in about 600 U.S. theaters on Sunday, March 15.

The film is understood to be part of the TCM Big Screen Classics series, and the re-released film will also include new reviews from TCM host Ben Mankiewicz.

The 1933 film landed on the big screen in 1956, when the average ticket price was 59 cents.

The story of a gorilla, a giant creature the size of Godzilla, continues to appeal to filmmakers. The film was remade in 1976, starring Oscar-winning American Horror Story actor Jessica Lange, and in 2005 director Peter Jackson made a new version. In addition, the related film “King Kong: Skull Island” will be released in 2017, and another film, “Godzilla King Kong”, will be released in the fall of 2020.