Online anonymous post accuses racism : Facebook apology

Facebook apologized Friday for an anonymous online document that claims black, Hispanic and Asian women continue to face racism at the company, foreign media reported. A year ago, a former employee made the issue public.

网络匿名帖指责种族歧视问题仍存在 Facebook表歉意

The post, entitled “Facebook authorizes racial discrimination against workers of color”, was posted on the Media website. It provides an overview of the events experienced by 12 current and former employees during their terms of office.

Two white workers reportedly asked a project manager to clean up after they had finished their breakfast. When the manager allegedly told his boss what had happened to him, the boss asked him to dress more professionally. Another employee was also allegedly reprimanded for comments made at the meeting.

“In our hearts, we feel sad, angry, oppressed, depressed,” the post read. “”We are attacked every day, large and small, as if we don’t belong here. “

Facebook acknowledged the company’s problems in a statement, but did not respond to individual complaints in the post. CNET tried to contact FB Blind, the author of this post, but couldn’t get in touch.

“Noone on Facebook or anywhere else should tolerate this behavior,” Facebook spokeswoman Bertie Thomson said in a statement. We apologize for this. This runs counter to what we stand for as a company. We are listening and trying to do better. “

Facebook’s employees are reported to be predominantly white and Asian. In the United States, only about 3.8 percent of Facebook employees are black, according to the company’s 2019 Diversity Report.

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