Foreign media: Most of Apple’s retail stores in mainland China are back open

Beijing time on March 10, noon news, according tomedia reports, after the outbreak, Most of Apple’s retail stores in China have opened. Apple is reported to have 42 retail stores in mainland China, and now 38 stores have opened, but some of them are still limited.

Media: Most of Apple's retail stores in mainland China are back open

Three retail stores in Tianjin and one in Suzhou have not yet opened. An Apple spokesman declined to discuss why the four stores remain closed.

China is an important market for Apple. Apple has warned that the company may not meet its previous forecast for revenue for the march, even though the $63 billion to $67 billion guidance range is already larger than usual.

In early February, Apple had to temporarily close all retail stores in mainland China because of the outbreak. Then, until February 24, 29 of the 42 retail stores resumed operations. Apple said “global iPhone supply will be temporarily limited” and “demand for products in the Chinese market will also be affected”.

So far, we do not know how much the product supply has been affected. Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone maker in China, had to shut down during the outbreak. But last week, Apple told investors that the Foxconn plant had restored half its “seasonal demand capacity” and expected to resume full capacity by the end of March.

So far, Apple’s shares have fallen 9.36 percent. (Mul)