FireFox 3.0 beta open download brings enhanced experience to Android users

FireFox v3.0.0 the first beta beta version of Android (the code name Fenix) is now available for download. The main change is that enhanced tracking protection is enabled by default for all users and notification support is added for long downloads. The current version on the Google Play App Store is still in the Firefox Preview 2.3.0 version.

Firefox Preview 3.0 beta开放下载 为Android用户带来增强体验

(Instagram via Techdows)

Mozilla is now ready to launch Firefox Preview Beta 1. In the latest downloadable version of v3.0, it brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

In addition, the new version blocks the tracker by default and activates Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP). For those who need it, you can change the tracking protection to “standard mode” in the settings menu.

Interested friends can download the official Beta 1 APK from the Fenix Project page on Github, or view the full invention description.

Firefox Preview 3.0 beta开放下载 为Android用户带来增强体验

To see if a site’s tracker is blocked, click the purple shield icon in the address bar.

But while improving performance and blocking content tracking, such as external ads, videos, and other content that contains tracking codes without being loaded, this feature may lead to the destruction of the browsing experience of some websites.

For repair, try switching the Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) switch in the address bar to restore page filtering settings for these affected sites.

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