U.S. electric car sales outnumber MT vehicle sales

In the U.S., sales of electric cars have outstripped those of manual cars, according to JD Power and recent reports from Driving.ca. According to JD Power, the u.S. market penetration rate for manual cars is about 1.1 percent, a pretty grim number for many enthusiasts. By contrast, electric vehicles now account for 1.9% of total U.S. auto sales.


Manual cars used to be the choice for customers who wanted to buy cheap cars. Today, however, most small, affordable models have only automatic versions.

Many customers have tended to buy high-performance cars because older manual shifting mechanical transmissions often slow down to meet their needs. Things have also changed, with many companies offering the highest performance models, all equipped with automatic transmissions with optimized performance.

Tyson Jominy, vice president of PIN consulting at JD Power’s data and analytics division, attributed the slump in manual car sales to “the discontinuation of many compact and ultra-compact cars, and the purchase of manual versions was primarily to reduce the cost of buying a new car,” adding that Mazda, Brands such as Jeep and Subaru still offer manual stop cars.

Electric cars can now be purchased in more forms and at lower prices in the United States. Coupled with the low-cost charging of electric vehicles, the growing nationwide charging network and tax incentives for electric vehicles by state and even municipalities, it’s easy to see why electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3 are on the rise.

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