295 South Koreans to undergo Redsey clinical trial

The South Korean government has now expanded its testing opportunities for Gilead Sciences’ Redseyway,media reported. Redcivir is an antiviral drug that is still under study and is thought to be able to fight the new coronavirus (COVID-19). On Thursday, the country’s Food and Drug Safety Agency approved a second phase of clinical trial signed by researchers for 100 hospitalized new corona patients using Redcivir, and on Monday added two phase III clinical trials of 195 new coronapatients.

295 South Koreans to undergo Redsey clinical trial

A total of 295 Korean patients will undergo clinical trials in Redciewe under the supervision of infectious disease experts.

The two studies, led by Gilead, will be conducted at Seoul Medical Center, the National Medical Center and the Gyeongbei National University Hospital. The researchers’ research will be conducted at Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Seoul Municipal Government -Seoul National University’s New DafangDong Falcon Medical Center and Seoul National Basin Tang Hospital.

The researchers are understood to have launched the trial as part of a randomized controlled trial announced by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) last month. The agency has said the first participant in the study will be a U.S. citizen who was repatriated after being quarantined on board the Diamond Princess, which docked in Yokohama, Japan.

The NIH trial will be conducted in 394 new crown patients worldwide, of whom 100 are Koreans, or about 25%.

According to the South Korean government’s disclosure of the test information, the researchers will be the main efficacy indicators – death, hospitalization using invasive mechanical ventilation or ECMO, hospitalization with non-invasive mechanical ventilation or high-flow oxygen concentrator, hospitalization requiring oxygen supply, hospitalization without oxygen supply, hospitalization without hospitalization but limited activity, No hospitalization and no activity restrictions – conduct an assessment.

Participants in the trial were randomly assigned to the Redsiewe and placebo groups, who would receive a daily reedciewel or placebo intravenous injection for 30 minutes at a time for 10 days (or until discharged). Of these, the Redsywe group will use 200 mg of the drug on the first day and 100 mg the next day.

It is reported that the trial began this month and will not end until March 2023.