Tesla’s 1million-car car goes smoothly offtheline, but not the Model 3

Although U.S. stocks fell sharply on Monday and electric-car maker Tesla was not spared, there was good news today for Tesla, whose 1 million-year-strong electric car has gone off line and became the first manufacturer to produce 1 million electric cars. The news that Tesla’s 1 millionth electric car is coming off the line was announced on Twitter by Elon Musk, The CEO of the technology company, who is one of the most active on Twitter.

Tesla's 1million-car car goes smoothly offtheline, but not the Model 3

Musk’s tweet was released on March 10, but their 1 million-car car is not on the line today.

According to the images released by Musk, the 1 millionth electric car offline is parked at the exit of the production floor, and many employees appear in the photo shoot, which can be inferred that the 1 millionth electric car was launched at its factory in Fremont, California, during the day and in the sun. Although Musk’s tweet was sent on March 10, considering the time difference, even now, California, where the Fremont plant is located, is not yet in daylight, so the 1 millionth vehicle is likely to go offline on March 9. In addition, from the direction of the shadow, is in the afternoon off-line.

Although Musk didn’t announce on Twitter the specifics of the 1 millionth electric car,media pointed out that the landmark electric car is not the highest-yielding Model 3, but the model Y that is about to be delivered.

In its previously released fourth-quarter results, Tesla disclosed that it had started mass production of model Y in January and would begin delivering in the first quarter, and Tesla has now notified some lucky subscribers that Model Y is about to start delivering, according to information obtained bymedia. Tesla has listed the pick-up time range for the lucky ones from the 15th to the 30th, so delivery is likely to begin on the 15th.

While Tesla is about to begin delivering the Model Y, the 1 millionth electric car to be delivered, and the Model Y, it’s unclear whether Tesla will deliver the landmark electric vehicle to consumers.

Tesla is also the world’s first electric car to produce 1 million electric cars after the first million electric cars were successfully released.