32 Intel Tenth Generation Desktop Core Specs, Full Price Exposure

There are signs that Intel is on track to officially launch its tenth-generation desktop Core processor, code-named Comet Lake-S, on April 13, but not all of them at once, but in batches until June 26. There are also those who believe that Intel may delay the release of Tenth Generation Desktop Core until June 26.

32 Intel Tenth Generation Desktop Core Specs, Full Price Exposure

We’ve seen as many as 22 new models before, but the only one is missing the 35W T-Series energy-saving version. Now, European e-commerce companies are putting all 32 models of the 10th generation of desktop Core on the shelves ahead of schedule and giving prices.

Of the 32 models, according to the brand sequence, the Core i9 5 of the 10 Core 20 Threads, the Core i7 5 of the 8 Core 16 Threads, the Core i5 9 of the 6 Core 12 Threads, the Core i3 5 of the 4 Core 8 Threads, the Pentium 5 of the 2 Core 4 Threads, and the 22 Thiel 3.

Level 3 cache capacity, i9 20MB, i7 16MB, i5 12MB, i3 divided into two categories, including 10300 series 8MB, i3-10100 series 6MB, Pentium 4MB, Celeron 2MB.

According to the version, K series overclocked version 3, F series non-nuclear display version 3, KF series non-nuclear overclocking version 3, standard version 16, T series energy-saving version 10, this is also the first time to confirm their models, including i9-10900T, i7-10700T, i5-10600T, i5-10600T, i5-10500T, i5-10400T, i3-10300T, i3-10100T, Pentium G6500T, Pentium G6400T, Celeron G5900T.

At the same time, the t-series’s benchmark frequencies are listed, which is of course much lower than the standard version, such as the i9-10900T is only 1.9GHz, i9-10900K/KF is 3.7GHz, and the lowest Celeron G5900T has 3.2GHz.

According to the power division, the current can not be 100 percent sure, the probability is K/KF series 125W, F series and standard version 65W, T series 35W.

32 Intel Tenth Generation Desktop Core Specs, Full Price Exposure

As for prices, since they are self-labeled pre-tax prices by retailers and are bulk (at the beginning of number CM) and not boxed versions (the beginning of the number BOX), the reference value is not very large and can only be compared vertically.

As can be seen, the KF series is much cheaper than the K series, converted into RMB, for example, i9-10900K 4742 yuan, i9-10900KF is 4485 yuan.

Standard version, T series is still fully equivalent, for example, i9-10900, i9-10900T are 4270 yuan, the need for high performance on the former, want to save electricity on the latter.

The final price is still to be announced by Intel, of course, that is only a thousand wholesale prices, the final retail price can only wait for the official sale.

32 Intel Tenth Generation Desktop Core Specs, Full Price Exposure