iOS 14’s new mouse feature brings iPad closer to Mac but it’s too early to replace it

IOS 14/iPad 14’s support for the mouse will be significantly improved, according to iOS 14, which has reignited the debate about the integration of the iPad and Mac. Apple will launch a wealth of system-wide mouse cursor support in iOS 14, according to the iOS 14 code obtained bymedia. Previously, Apple has added basic compatibility to the external mouse in the auxiliary settings of the iOS 13 system, but this feature will become mainstream in iOS 14/iPad OS 14.

iOS 14's new mouse feature brings iPad closer to Mac but it's too early to replace it

IPad OS 13 brought mouse support to the iPad for the first time, but it was a very clunky experience. It can only be activated through barrier-free settings, and the “cursor” is large, and many users don’t like the experience.

IOS 14, on the other hand, offers a much more mature experience. First, it will be a pointer of normal size that can be adapted to the context. This includes supporting multiple pointers based on what is hovered over, such as switching from the Standard Arrow pointer to “pointing to the hand” when hovering over a link.

Second, when you don’t use a trackpad or mouse, the pointer may disappear, which will solve one of the important short boards of the iPad OS 13 mouse experience.

If polls can be used as a measure, improved mouse and touchpad support can be disruptive for some users. More than 10 percent said it would allow them to replace the MacBook entirely with an iPad, while nearly half said they would choose to use the iPad instead of mac to do more.

But for others, replacing the Mac with an iPad is a long way off. For example, people who rely on professional apps, because no one might switch from Final Cut Pro X on the big screen to a less functional app on a much smaller iPad screen.

Of course, some professionals may also make some instant edits on an iPad or iPhone for rough clips or quick social media sharing, but in the end, they’ll still be using the Mac for real work.

In addition, the multitasking on the iPad is still so cumbersome compared to the easy window way of Mac OS, that anyone who uses multiple apps at the same time may stick to the Mac.

Finally, Apple has repeatedly said it has no plans to integrate its Mac and iPad product lines.