Google bans all medical mask ads

As the spread of the new corona virus in the United States expanded, medical mask ads began to spread on the U.S. Internet, but Google temporarily banned the ads. “As a precaution, we have decided to temporarily ban all advertising of medical masks. A Google spokesman said in a statement, “We are actively following the situation and will continue to take action to protect our users as needed.” “

Google bans all medical mask ads

Google’s restrictions currently apply only to masks and not to other disease-resistant product ads, such as protective clothing and disinfectants, which have also been heavily used in recent weeks. Google said it was “continuing to assess” whether the ban should apply to other products and said it would spend “a few days” removing existing mask ads, meaning users may still see them in the coming days.

The latest policy change comes at a time when Google’s platform is getting a lot of misinformation over the new crown outbreak. The virus has killed more than 4,200 people worldwide and infected at least 118,000 people.

Medical experts are trying to warn healthy people not to buy masks to avoid a shortage of medical staff. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said there was no evidence to support the prevention of wearing masks.

Last week it was reported that google’s policy banned advertising using the new crown outbreak, but the company showed a number of explicit promises to prevent the new virus ads and sponsored shopping lists.

The company said the new mask ban is broader and will still be subject to the policy even if the product does not specifically mention the new corona virus. This policy covers Google’s “shopping” list, which the company calls “based on a combination of advertisers’ bids and relevance, such as your current search terms and activities.”

Facebook announced on Friday that it would temporarily ban advertising and commercial listings selling medical masks.