France holds world-record Smurfs party despite outbreak

Even in the intensification phase of the new corona, a Smurf-themed event was held in Landeno, France, on Saturday, where 3,549 actors attended the Smurfs party and broke the Guinness World Record,media CNET reported. The previous world record was held by 2,762 Smurfs in Germany.

France holds world-record Smurfs party despite outbreak

Video reports from AFP showed thousands of Smurf savehs happily gathered to hug, drink and dance. “We don’t think we’re worried that, as French, we won’t give up trying to break records, ” one Smurf actor said in an interview. Now we’re the world champions… There is no risk. We will turn the coronavirus Smurf into! “

The event came just a day before the French government announced a ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people. On Tuesday, Rondon Mayor Patrick Leclerc defended the incident. “We can’t stop living … we can’t stop living,” Leclerc told AFP. This is an opportunity to show that we are still alive. “

On March 1st the Louvre, one of France’s largest art museums, was temporarily closed because of concerns that COVID-19 could spread among the many visitors who pass through the museum every day. About 9.6 million people visited the museum in 2019.

Some French politicians, including France’s culture minister, have reportedly been diagnosed with COVID-19. In fact, by the time of publication, the number of new crown-confirmed cases in France had increased to 1,784.