Classic Reappearance: Lexus Remake of ‘Champagne Tower’ Ad

In 1989, Lexus challenged the market as a newcomer to the luxury car market, according tomedia. It has proved to bring not only high-priced products but also high-quality products. And the right addition to a good product is a well-executed advertisement.

Classic Reappearance: Lexus Remake of 'Champagne Tower' Ad

The Japanese luxury car brand did just that in a classic ad campaign, which many simply call “Champagne Glasses”. Now, 30 years after the Lexus brand was founded, the “Champagne Tower” is back.

30th Anniversary Remake


The “Champagne Tower” ad focuses on placing the Champagne Tower on the bonnet of a car that drives at ultra-fast speeds. You can see that even at a high speed of 145mph, the champagne-filled quilts are still as stable as Mount Tai, which is proof of the car’s high-speed driving stability.

And more specially, the 30th anniversary edition of this re-production of the ad by Toyota CEO Toyoda. During this time, he also incorporated some comedic colors, making the otherwise slightly more serious tone seem less dull.

Although Lexus’ 30th anniversary was last year, the video has only been posted online until now. As for the LS shown in the ad, it’s still exciting. It is reported that the original LS 400 is equipped with a 4.0L V8 engine, the latest LS 500 has been replaced with a twin-turbo 3.5L V6 engine.