WHO guidelines remove “new crown controlshould should not use traditional herbal medicines” and TCM is recognized?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019, the World Health Organization has been working to provide the public with information on how to identify, prevent and manage the disease, and to address public concerns. As scientific evidence related to the outbreak continues to evolve and new questions are raised by the public, WHO regularly updates its guidelines on various platforms, including social media and the “Frequently Asked Questions” column on whose official website.

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On the FAQ page, WHO lists for the public a number of things that should and should not be done. In “What should I not do?” “Under this question, an earlier version suggested that people should not use traditional herbal medicines.

In a recent move, WHO announced that it would remove the content, saying the decision was made at an editorial meeting of the NEWS and Risk Communication Group at WHO headquarters on 4 March because the language was too broad. It is not taken into account that many people will use traditional herbal medicines to alleviate the mild illness caused by the 2019 coronavirus disease (see the full text of the WHO bulletin).

How much role does Chinese medicine play?

On January 28th, when the situation became more serious, the Pneumonia Treatment Program for New Coronary Virus Infection (Trial 4th Edition) was issued, in which the program emphasized that all relevant medical institutions should play an active role in chinese medicine in medical treatment, strengthen the integration of Chinese and Western medicine, establish a system of Chinese and Western medicine associations, and promote good results in medical treatment.

Guidance content of Chinese medicine treatment for pneumonia diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection (trial 4th edition)

After that, the “Chinese medicine voice” in the prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia will not stop. Various reports have also pointed out that since the outbreak, the strength of traditional Chinese medicine actively play a role in interventional treatment, in prevention, treatment, recovery and other aspects have given professional advice.

So, what role does Chinese medicine play in the prevention and treatment of new crown pneumonia? How effective is the treatment?

According to the February 14 press conference in Hubei Province, chinese academy of engineering academician, chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine President Huang Qi introduced, the national Chinese medicine system sent 2220 people to Hubei to support, the national Chinese medicine medical team with strong local support, adhere to the combination of Chinese medicine, highlight the characteristics of Chinese medicine, cumulative treatment of confirmed, suspected patients 248 people, Symptoms improved in 159 people.

“The focus is on preventing the occurrence of new coronary pneumonia, ” said Yu Xiaolin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief researcher of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the early stages of neo-coronary pneumonia, chinese medicine began to be used to prevent it from turning from light to severe. When it comes to serious illness, it is the combination of Chinese and Western medicine to reduce death. And to the recovery period, one of the main features of Chinese medicine is through the gas spleen, good gas, sputum, sputum communication some methods, including non-drug therapy, such as fire cans, acupuncture, scraping, food therapy, psychotherapy, etc. can help patients recover. Now many people on the Chinese medicine “cure the disease” thought is not yet understand, we should vigorously promote the Chinese medicine “cure the disease” thought, know how to prevent, how to cure, we are not panicked psychologically. Once the new coronapneumonia, should be the first time to take Chinese medicine. “

Liu Qingquan, deputy head of the National Group of Chinese Medicine Medical Treatment Experts and president of Beijing TCM Hospital, said in an interview with the People’s Daily recently, “We have proposed more drug treatment methods, and we hope that doctors will treat patients more personalizedly in the process of checking the hospital.” Liu Qingquan said that Chinese medicine pay attention to dialectical treatment, different patients between the disease is not the same. The Chinese medicine treatment part of the seventh version of the consultation plan only provides medical staff with a principled solution for more choices, ensuring that they have more choice in the process of treating patients.

Wuhan’s critically ill patients have used ventilators, how to play the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, reduce the use of ventilators on the human body adverse reactions, so that the ventilator can achieve the best state, this is Liu Qingquan and other expert group members have been studying the problem. “The seventh version of the consultation program has also increased the Chinese medicine to support ventilator treatment programs. Liu Qingquan said.

Questions on the Role of Chinese Medicine

The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on March 6 thing in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on the progress of prevention and treatment of the new coronapneumonia outbreak, Yu Yanhong, a member of the Central Steering Group, a member of the Party Group of the National Health and Health Commission, and secretary of the Party Group of the Chinese Medicine Bureau, attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.

Among them, the question and answer on the role of Chinese medicine is recorded as follows:

CNN: We note that the Chinese government issued a diagnosis and treatment program is also good, the official statement is good, and even the official media reports have strongly emphasized the role of Chinese medicine, including the obvious efficacy of a variety of Chinese medicine, and even through pure Chinese medicine treatment cases. Meanwhile, experts at the World Health Organization said at a news conference in Beijing last week that the only western drug that has so far been shown to be possible to fight the virus is a Western drug, Ridsywe from the United States. My question is, is China’s position and views on Chinese medicine at odds with WHO? Where is the scientific basis of the Chinese side? Will cases of improvement or discharge from hospital through Chinese medicine be the result of self-healing? Thank you.

Yu Yanhong: Thank you very much for your concern about the role of Chinese medicine in the prevention and control of this epidemic. China’s diagnosis and treatment program is the chinese medicine and Western medicine together to fight the “epidemic” and the crystallization of common wisdom. In the treatment program, Chinese medicine has a relatively important position, which is to adhere to the Chinese and Western medicine and the emphasis on China’s health policy, but also the efficacy of Chinese medicine decided. Your focus is on efficacy, and I’ll talk about it in three ways.

First of all, Chinese medicine has a unique theory and practice in preventing and controlling the plague. In view of the early prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia without special drugs and vaccines, the use of Chinese medicine to prevent plague of practical experience and technical methods, to play the overall regulation of Chinese medicine, improve the role of immunity, stimulate their own disease resistance and rehabilitation capacity, is an effective treatment method. In recent years, the fight against SARS, A-flu, have proved the role of Chinese medicine. As Chinese medicine often says, the positive spirit of the existence, evil can not do.

Second, the fact that a large number of patients were cured and discharged from hospital fully proves that the combination of Chinese and Western medicine is remarkable. More than 50,000 confirmed patients have been discharged from hospital, and most of them have used Chinese medicine. Expert team research confirmed that the combination of Chinese and Western medicine and the simple use of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, can quickly improve fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms, shorten the number of days in hospital, improve the rate of nucleic acid conversion, effectively reduce light and ordinary type to heavy, heavy to critical development, improve the cure rate, reduce the rate of death.

I cite a few examples, for example, light and general patients, a randomized controlled open trial of 452 patients showed that Chinese and Western medicine combined to improve symptoms and improve nucleic acid transnegative ity, significantly better than the simple Western drug group. Another 500 clinical cohort study showed a significant improvement in CT imaging in the lungs, with no light shift to heavy duty. In severe patients, a clinically controlled trial of 75 patients showed that the time of nucleic acid conversion and hospitalization was reduced by an average of 3 days compared with the chinese and Western medicine groups. After the joint consultation and dialectical treatment of patients with critical condition, Chinese medicine and Western medicine experts, Traditional Chinese medicine plays an active role in improving blood oxygen saturation and suppressing inflammatory storms. The National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine have set up 12 expert guidance groups for severe illness, which is the joint guidance of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and further promote the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, improve the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate.

Third, as you have just mentioned, you have been concerned about cases of pure use of traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. Indeed, we have initially summarized the nearly 100 cases of Chinese medicine treatment patients who have been discharged from the hospital, many of whom are seriously ill, and they are all treated using Traditional Chinese medicine as the main treatment.

We are in the process of studying and summarizing the cases.

We are willing to share the “Chinese experience” and “China program” for the treatment of new crown pneumonia, so that more countries can understand Chinese medicine, understand Chinese medicine and use Chinese medicine. In China, when the outbreak occurred, we have Chinese medicine, the use of Chinese medicine, the symptoms of ordinary people will soon ease, more enhance the confidence and courage to overcome the disease. Thank you for your question.

Hubei TV reporter: Can you explain to our ordinary people, Chinese medicine is how to treat the new coronapneumonia? What are its unique advantages? Thank you.

Yu Yanhong: That’s a good question. In answering a reporter’s question earlier, I have already introduced the difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Chinese medicine to prevent and control infectious diseases, pay attention to enhance the human body’s own resistance and repair capacity, pay attention to maintain the overall balance, which makes Chinese medicine in dealing with those infectious diseases that are not clear, lack of vaccines and special effects of drugs, has its own use, providing a different prevention and treatment strategy.

Chinese medicine in the outbreak, through symptom collection and clinical analysis, can determine the treatment plan of Chinese medicine, rapid use for clinical treatment, with rapid response, rapid response and other advantages. In this new coronary pneumonia outbreak, the early use of Chinese medicine, rapid improvement of symptoms, enhance the patient’s confidence and courage to overcome the disease.

After the outbreak, Chinese medicine experts from the ancient classics to draw the essence, combined with the experience of clinical diagnosis and treatment, quickly put forward the Chinese medicine program, and constantly optimize in the clinic. According to the program, we adhere to the early use, full participation, accurate policy, Chinese medicine deep lying in the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of the whole process.

For light and ordinary patients, we use traditional Chinese medicine for the first time, for heavy and critical patients, Chinese medicine and Western medicine experts, Chinese and Western medicine, the use of Chinese and Western medicine, play the superposition effect of two kinds of medicine. For the recovery period of the population, Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, massage and other methods to promote patient recovery.

Practice has proved that the effect of Chinese medicine in treating new coronary pneumonia is very clear. In the latest release of the seventh version of the diagnosis and treatment program, the content of Chinese medicine treatment is very rich, both general, but also for different diseases, different types of prescriptions, as well as traditional Chinese medicine, reflects the unity of dialectics and disease, the unity of theory and clinical practice, the unity of guidance and norms, is the transmission of the essence, positive innovation of vivid practice. We are willing to let more people understand the methods of Chinese medicine, but also willing to share with the international community the treatment experience of Chinese medicine. Thank you.

Of course, for this kind of topic, there are many “traditional medicine in the new coronal pneumonia in what role?” “The discussion. Gunpowder is also very strong, such as:

Academic Jun here also want to weak ask a sentence, about the role of Chinese medicine in the prevention and treatment of new crown pneumonia, how do you think? WHO: Relevant information will continue to be updated

WHO said the above content was deleted from the Chinese page on March 6, from the English page on the 7th, and from the pages of the remaining official languages of the United Nations on the 8th, the reason why all pages were not updated synchronously because of the time it took to edit the pages.

“Frequently Asked Questions” about traditional herbal medicines has been updated as follows (the topic page will also be updated):

Attached: WHO content update note

WHO Website S

Asi’s the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, WHO hashas provided the advice to the public on how to know, prevent and ma nage the disease, and to to address their concerns. The WHO website displays this content in the 6 official UN languages. This same content is take up by-regional and country Offices who are theirs audiences in local languages.

The text – in forms such as social media posts across the platforms and Answers and Answers on the web-is updated regula rly as the science evolves, and as as public raises will be the more ss or questions.

In a Question and Answer page on the web, one question listed “dos and don’ts” for the public to consider. Under thyd “don’ts,” a line is previously attended byd a tha ei tha ei ddod not use use yn medicines.

On 4 March at an editorial meeting of the news and risk communications teams in Geneva, a stat was made to remove it line as it was too broad and did not take into the fact-in-the-one-man many people turn to total medicine to allevia Te some of the milder symptoms of COVID-19. The line was removed from the Chinese version of the page on 6 March, the English version on 7 March, and the other UN lan guages on 8 March. The update to web content do not happen in synch as it takes time for the teams to work on each page.

The Questions and Answers about the local medicine have just have been updated today .”

The Q and A will will continue to be updated.

(Reference source: World Health Organization, National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine official website, knowledge, etc.)