Easy choice: Google introduces multiple email signatures for Gmail

Google has just announced a new feature for the Gmail mail service that allows users to pick one of several email signatures at the time of delivery. This change will be rolled out to G Suite subscriptions and Gmail individual users in the coming weeks. This is obviously an improvement that can save you a lot of time for users who use only one account to handle private, work, and other matters.

Easy choice: Google introduces multiple email signatures for Gmail

For example, when working on work mail, you might need to note information such as your name, title, and links to corporate websites.

In reply to a private email, the personality signature can also be accompanied by a link to a personal social media account or something similar.

If you’re discussing interest slots with like-minded friends, you’ll be able to comment on frequent store platforms or good things links.

Although you can still manually add, or save the categories as this article document, and then copy and paste them if necessary, this is far less than Gmail native integration.

To simplify the operation, Google allows Gmail users to quickly select and insert the signatures they need, such as “concise,” “work,” and “personal” signatures.

Interested friends can open Gmail, go to Settings – General, and click “New” at the bottom of the page for a signature option.