To reduce the impact of disposable paper cups on the environment: Ireland to introduce a coffee tax in 2021

Ireland will introduce a coffee tax in 2021 to encourage people to use more green cups, foreign media reported. Richard Bruton, Ireland’s environment minister, said: “One of the things we have to do to make Ireland a sustainable country is to reduce the use of disposable slats, especially disposable cups. There is no doubt that some cups can be composted, but the difficulty is that our retail department does not have enough infrastructure to ensure that these biodegradable cups go into dedicated bins. ”


Although some businesses have discounted customers who carry green cups, a government-funded survey last year found that Ireland’s 4.9 million people throw away as many as 200 million disposable coffee cups a year, the report said.

The government wants to impose a tax of up to 0.25 euros (about 3 euros) per cup of coffee to encourage people to carry reusable green cups with them. It is reported that the Irish government will also be for takeaways, snacks for a total of three rounds of tax.

Ireland will start the second phase of the tax in 2022, with a focus on takeaway food containers, and phase 3 to address the issue of food packaging in retail stores, including baked goods and fruits and vegetables.

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