Single chip to enable TWS headset wireless charging warehouse

In the first half of this year, Apple’s AirPods second generation first added wireless charging, users can choose to choose a wireless charging box, and the second half of the AirPods Pro standard wireless charging box, which makes the TWS headset charging silo with wireless charging function has become a trend, more and more similar products have followed up with this technology.

单芯片搞定TWS耳机无线充电仓 中国芯首创

In general, building a TWS headset wireless charging silo requires at least two key chips: a power management chip and a wireless charging RX receiving chip. And domestic manufacturers British core will be the two into one, the industry’s first!

Single chip to enable the TWS headset wireless charging warehouse,

单芯片搞定TWS耳机无线充电仓 中国芯首创

YingjiCore pioneered the introduction of high-integrated SOC chip IP6816: a single chip integrated wireless charging RX function and TWS power management function, allowing customers to design wireless charging TWS headphone compartment quite easily.

Thanks to this highly integrated chip, the Demo board can be seen in a rather small size. The Yingcore TWS headphone charging box wireless charge-receiving single-chip solution has high integration, low BOM cost, and can be easily integrated into a compact headphone compartment.

British Core IP6816: TWS Headset Charging Warehouse Management IC with Integrated Qi Wireless Charge And Reception

单芯片搞定TWS耳机无线充电仓 中国芯首创

IP6816 is an integrated Qi wireless charge, 5V boost converter, lithium battery charging management, battery power indication multi-function power management SoC, for wireless charging TWS Bluetooth headset charging warehouse to provide a complete power solution. The IP6816’s high integration and rich features make it possible to use very few peripherals for application, effectively reducing the size of the overall solution and reducing BOM costs.

The IP6816 has a 5V output, synchronous rectifier boost DC-DC, power tube built-in, provides a maximum 300mA output current, boost efficiency of up to 93%. Dc-DC converter switching frequencies at 1.5MHz support slower inductors and capacitors. The IP6816’s linear charging provides a maximum charging current of 500mA and provides flexibility to configure the maximum charging current. The built-in IC temperature and input voltage intelligently adjust charging current function.

IP6816 can realize TWS independent storage detection to the ear, detect the headset into the warehouse automatically into the headset charging mode, the headset is fully charged and automatically into hibernation, the minimum static current can be reduced to 30uA. Flexible custom headphones are full of full current, full of current detection accuracy of up to 1mA.

IP6816 built-in MCU, flexible customization of 4/3/2/1 LED power display. Built-in 10bit ADC for accurate battery charge. The IP6816 is available in a QFN16 package.


Yingjicore TWS headphone charging warehouse wireless charging single chip solution IP6816, a chip to fix the TWS headset charging warehouse wireless charging RX function and power management function, greatly simplified the design of TWS Bluetooth headset wireless charging warehouse, conducive to accelerating product development and marketing.

British Core will attend the “2019 (Winter) Wireless Charging Asia Exhibition” on November 15th, where the IP6816 single-chip solution Demo is available for interested customers to communicate.

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