“Airplane Mode”on Steam : experience every detail of flying

On November 9th, a “Airplane Mode” on  Steam went on sale in 2020. In this game, you can play a passenger and experience the journey across the Atlantic by plane. It is understood that the game simulates every detail of air travel, from seat design to carry-on baggage and smartphones, as well as crew and other passengers.

It is worth mentioning that every play will have a different thing happen.

《乘飞机模拟器》上架Steam 体验坐飞机每个细节

Features of the game:

Experience coasting, taking off, landing

Accurate satellite images

Snacks, beverages, catering services

Carry-on books, headphones, pens, charging cables

Watch the flight safety operation video

Experience random events such as turbulence, wifi failures, delays, etc.

Environmental noise – such as baby noise

Entertainment system for movies of the 1930s

《乘飞机模拟器》上架Steam 体验坐飞机每个细节

《乘飞机模拟器》上架Steam 体验坐飞机每个细节

《乘飞机模拟器》上架Steam 体验坐飞机每个细节

《乘飞机模拟器》上架Steam 体验坐飞机每个细节

《乘飞机模拟器》上架Steam 体验坐飞机每个细节

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