Microsoft X019 Conference :”Age of Empire 4″ and other 12 first-party games exhibiting

It looks like Microsoft really wants to make this year’s X0 conference a feast and continue to raise the profile of the Xbox brand. This year’s X019 will begin at 4am BST on November 15 and will be broadcast live on the monthly Xbox Xbox. Recently, Xbox officials previewed the content of the Inside Xbox special issue, including:

微软X019大会来势汹汹 《帝国时代4》等12款第一方游戏参展

12 first-party studio games, which have old games, will also be announced new games;

Xbox Game Pass will welcome new games, including PC and console games;

Streaming Service (Cloud Games) – Big News for Project xCloud;

In particular, the last, the cloud game Project xCloud, which officially describes it directly with Big News, looks like it’s a big hit.

Previously, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be at least 24 works to provide live trials, “The Outer Worlds” developer Obsidian will also participate.

It’s worth noting that Aaron Greenberg, Xbox’s marketing director, said at the Cologne show in August that the first play-making demo of Age 4 would be shown at the X019 conference, so the X0 conference was still a lot of talk.

微软X019大会来势汹汹 《帝国时代4》等12款第一方游戏参展

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