Jack Ma talk again about regretting founding Alibaba: I do have regretted, but I just can’t stop

On November 8, according to foreign media reports, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma attended the 6th Kiev International Economic Forum, at which he expressed regret for the creation of Ali. “If you give yourself another chance, you’ll try not to make the company that big, ” Ma said. But it grew so fast that I could only try to make it into a big, good company, and I thought about stopping, but then I found out I couldn’t stop at all. ”

“When I was a nobody, I thought that if I were a big boss, I smoked cigars, I watched movies, and business was that simple. But now that the company is getting bigger, I’m busier and need to deal with more issues. ”

Ma Yun bluntly said, if you want to enjoy, the best time is when you are in a small company, big companies do not mean more money, but to shoulder a greater responsibility. I do regret it, but a lot of people just don’t want to admit that everyone tries to say what people want to hear. But as an entrepreneur, if you want to be a consultant, tell them that life is not easy.

In fact, Ma Yun in public to show regret to create Ali is not the first time, now Ma Yun has retired to do what he preferred, more love things.

马云再谈悔创阿里:我确实有后悔过 但想停根本停不下来

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