Pop-up 5 camera ,Xiaomi folding mobile phone patent: both front and rear?

On November 9, tigermobiles reported that a group of Xiaomi foldable mobile phones had been exposed in the State Intellectual Property Office’s database. Information shows that the phone has five horizontally arranged cameras, which work well above the screens on both sides as the screen folds outwards, either as a front or as a rear.

弹出式5摄 曝小米折叠手机专利:既是前置又是后置?

As can be seen from the patent diagram, the camera design of this folding phone does not take up the body space at all, and the screen ratio will be even greater. It’s worth noting that Xiaomi’s folding-screen phone is a bit similar to the previously publicly available surround-screen concept, Xiaomi MIX Alpha, whose body is covered by a full screen, retaining only a 108MP-pixel vertical camera module on its back.

弹出式5摄 曝小米折叠手机专利:既是前置又是后置?

It is understood that in August, it was reported that Xiaomi has submitted to the European Intellectual Property Office a foldable mobile phone design patent, Xiaomi President Lin Bin also said at the time, this Xiaomi double folding mobile phone is Xiaomi’s first folding screen mobile phone, but also will be the world’s first double folding mobile phone. But patent information shows that the folding-screen phone has a rear three-camera, and this exposure of this pop-up 5-camera folding phone is different.

弹出式5摄 曝小米折叠手机专利:既是前置又是后置?

At present, about  this has a pop-up 5-cam folding phone, we know little information, the specific release time has not yet been announced. But folding screen is about to become the future trend of mobile phone development, Xiaomi is also preparing for the launch of folding screen mobile phone, let’s wait and see.

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