Mozilla Firefox 15th Anniversary

On November 9, 2004, Firefox released its first version, challenging IE, which has a monopoly on the entire browser market. In a sense it succeeded, with IE accounting for more than 90% of the market at the start of Firefox and a third of the market share by 2009.

But then, with the advent of Google Chrome, Firefox’s share began to shrink, one reason was that Chrome did perform better, and other reasons was that the search giant was much stronger than the not-for-profit Mozilla and had a budget to promote it.

Mozilla Firefox 发布 15 周年

In 2016, Mozilla announced the Quantum program to significantly improve browser performance. In 2017 it released its first Quantum-based version, which was well received.

Firefox originated in Netscape, which announced in 1998 that it would open its code under Mozilla’s name, and in 1999 AOL acquired Netscape.

Mozilla Firefox’s earliest name was Phoenix, meaning nirvana was born from the Ashes of Netscape. But BIOS developer Phoenix Technologies had a browser running on the BIOS called Phoenix browser, so it changed its name to Firebird because of a trademark dispute, but Firebird was also used by firebird, a popular open source database at the time. It’s called Firebird, and finally it changes to its current name Firefox.

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