Epidemic prevention and control medical equipment shortage Honda Toyota UK plant to switch to ventilators

As the outbreak spreads in several countries abroad, the European region faces a huge test. In addition to the shortage of protective supplies, the quantity of medical aid is also in short supply. The British government has also begun to take active action on outbreak prevention and control. Three UK-based carmakers, Vauxhall, Honda and Toyota, have confirmed their willingness to switch to ventilators at their UK plants to help combat the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

Epidemic prevention and control medical equipment shortage Honda Toyota UK plant to switch to ventilators


As the number of confirmed cases rapidly increases, many free hotels in the UK will be used as hospitals to provide assistance to confirmed personnel, but these hotels require a large supply of oxygen and breathing aids,media reported. But the NHS in England currently has just over 5,000 respirators available.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will discuss on March 16th with engineering machinery companies and carmakers including Ford, Honda, Rolls-Royce and JCB whether the plant’s production lines could be used to make medical equipment, including ventilators. “The UK has high-quality engineering and we want any factory with manufacturing capabilities to switch to ventilatormanufacturing,” he said. “

In response, Vauxhall said: “We have been in contact with the UK government and are keen for Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant to help. Once we have more details about the requirements, we will be able to analyze what we can do. “

Toyota said it was willing to support the situation, although it did not communicate directly with the government, but the two factories in the UK were willing to support the situation. Honda, on the other hand, said it had contacted the British government and supported the plant’s production of ventilators.

In addition, Ford Motor and Rolls-Royce are also studying the feasibility of switching to ventilators.

However, industry insiders say that while the UK has become the first country in Europe to call on domestic carmakers to switch to medical devices, it is unclear how carmakers will switch to professional medical devices, which international parts are needed or which certifications are needed.

Since the outbreak, it has also had a huge impact on european car companies. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) announced on March 11th that it was temporarily closing four plants in Italy, and Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati announced the temporary closure of the plant in recent days.

Volkswagen Group’s Siaat is also planning to scale back production at its Martorell plant in Barcelona, Spain, as Europe’s auto industry suffers its biggest shutdown in decades.