Musk: Tesla plant’s new crown outbreak as usual

Tesla’s electric car assembly plant in Fremont, California, will continue to operate as usual, despite six San Francisco Bay Area counties issuing guidance Monday to curb the spread of the new corona virus,media reported. Among them, a spokesman for Alameda County noted that the guidance had been considered a basic requirement. However, Tesla is known to employ about 10,000 workers at its plant in the county.

Musk: Tesla plant's new crown outbreak as usual


Tesla CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email Monday that the plant will continue to operate. But he wrote in an e-mail: “If you feel a little sick or a little uncomfortable, don’t feel obligated to come to work.” “

Musk seems to be minimizing the threat posed by the virus, suggesting that “panic” is a greater danger. “I’m open to the idea that the damage caused by the new coronavirus scare far outweighs the damage caused by the virus itself,” he wrote. “

But Musk reportedly assured employees at the end of the email that he would put their best interests at heart, “I’d rather you stay at home without stress than you’re worried about at work.” “