Google: Need More Time to Go Online on New Corona pneumonia Information Website

The search giant said it needed more time to ensure visitors were provided with up-to-date information, as a new coronavirus information website developed by Google and announced by U.S. President Donald Trump will be launched later this week,media reported. In a statement provided to The Verge,Google said the site would initially be limited to the United States, but would include information about screening and testing.

Google: Need More Time to Go Online on New Corona pneumonia Information Website

“Later Sunday, we launched a pilot site in san Francisco Bay Area counties, and we’re working with authorities to further expand the pilot. As local and national guidelines are rapidly developed, Google will continue to work with agencies and authorities to launch a website later this week to provide Americans with authoritative information, including screening and testing,” Google said.

Details of the site are not known at this time, but it is clear that the screening and testing component will be the most closely watched part, most likely, that Google will use information from a variety of sources, including information from the CDC and other agencies.

In addition, the search giant has planned to expand into international markets, according to sources, although the site will initially be available only in the United States. In the near future, an international version of the website will also be available.

The search company said it wanted to gather information from WHO and the CDC in the United States and display it on its information website, and that it would likely work with local governments in the countries where the sites are located.