Host with 3.8GHz 8-core Zen2 processor AMD stops developing small core x86 processor

Microsoft last night unveiled detailed specifications for the next-generation console Xbox Series X, which is more powerful than the current high-end PCs, with the CPU being AMD’s custom-built 8-core Zen2. This change is also a shift in AMD’s CPU strategy, which is that small core x86 processors will no longer be developed in the future.

Host with 3.8GHz 8-core Zen2 processor AMD stops developing small core x86 processor

Why do you say that? Because in the current generation of consoles, the PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox X series are using the Janguar core developed by AMD, which is actually a CPU core based on the K10 architecture, when even the bulldozer CPU core was not used.

The Janguar core CPU, originally used for low-power devices such as tablets, favors low power rather than high performance, which also puts the PS4/Xbox X console in a way that lags far behind the PC.

But in this generation of host, the situation is not the same, Microsoft and Sony customized AMD core is 7nm Zen2 start, direct 8 core start, and the frequency is very high, XSX directly 3.8GHz, PS5 is uncertain, but not low, both should be half a pound.

Compared with the Ryzen 3000 on the PC, the CPU of the new generation of host is about a year away, the architecture, the process is directly synchronized, the situation is completely different from the past.

In response, AMD executive Joa Macri said at the Ryzen technology conference in February that AMD would no longer develop small core CPUs, as januar cores did, and that hosts would use high-performance large core CPUs.

But AMD didn’t say it all, and Joa Macri says it’s not permanent, AMD evaluates things every year, and as the financial situation improves, AMD doesn’t rule out doing something else in some segments, but it could take years.