Live long, Buffett’s portfolio evaporates $80 billion in a month.

Recently, according tomedia reports, from the well-known U.S. stock site GuruFocus calculations, since February 19 U.S. stocks began to fall into a bear market, “stock god” Buffett’s stock portfolio has lost about $80.2 billion, a decline of 32%. So far this year, the market value of Mr Buffett’s portfolio has fallen by $71.3bn, or 29 per cent. Over the same period, the S. and P. 500 index is down 26 percent.

Buffett’s top three positions, Apple, Bank of America and Coca-Cola, lost $19.95 billion, $13.2 billion and $5.8 billion, respectively.

Live long, Buffett's portfolio evaporates $80 billion in a month.

In terms of share prices, the biggest decliners were Western Oil, high-end furniture brand RH and United Airlines Holdings, down 70 per cent, 57 per cent and 55 per cent respectively. Among Mr Buffett’s positions, Kroger, the largest US supermarket operator, bucked the trend, adding $29m to its market value, giving a 9 per cent return.

On February 27th Mr Buffett increased his stake by 970,000 shares to Delta Air Lines by 1.38 per cent. The stock was trading at about $46.40, down 22 percent from its March 16 close of $35.81.

On March 3rd Mr Buffett increased his stake in Bank of New York Mellon by 9.23m shares, closing the day at $38.83 a share. It closed down 24 per cent at $29.18 on March 16.

Earlier, in response to the collapse of U.S. stocks, Buffett said that as long as you live, you can see anything in the stock market. But I’ve lived to be 89 and I’ve never seen anything like it.