Tesla’s Shanghai plant normal production protection measures or introduced to U.S. plants

According tomedia reports, Tesla’s Shanghai plant has resumed full operation, the second phase of construction seems to be accelerating, so what methods is the company used to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, to ensure the safety of employees? At present, China’s new coronavirus outbreak has been initially controlled, but the epidemic prevention situation has not slackened.

Like many other companies, Tesla’s Shanghai plant is still taking many important precautions to ensure the health and safety of its employees. These include strict examination of workers’ body temperature, regular disinfection of the entire factory complex, and the need for workers to eat lunch alone and keep a certain distance.

In addition, Tesla’s Shanghai plant no longer allows employees to share apartments, but offers separate accommodation. Overall, these precautions could ultimately protect the company’s employees from the new coronavirus. At present, the virus is still spreading rapidly in other countries such as Europe and the United States.

Tesla's Shanghai plant normal production protection measures or introduced to U.S. plants

Precautions at Tesla’s Shanghai plant are likely to be adopted by its Fremont, California, New York and Nevada plants, on the premise that the facilities will remain operational. The United States is currently dealing with the effects of the new coronavirus, and several regions have introduced “in-place asylum” bans.

Among them are six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, which will affect Tesla’s Fremont plant. However, Alameda County has declared the Tesla plant the “most important business” and has therefore approved its continued operations, at least for now.

In response to The Alameda County’s decision, Tesla CEO Elon Musk advised workers at the Fremont plant to stay at home if they felt unwell, though he noted that he would go to work as usual.

“If you feel a little uncomfortable or even uncomfortable, don’t feel like you’re going to have to go to work,” Musk said in an email to employees. However, I will continue to work unless something changes. I’d rather you stay at home without any pressure than still worrying at work. “

With tesla’s Fremont plant still operating, Tesla is likely to learn from the Shanghai plant’s precautions. After all, Tesla is one of the automakers that was able to ensure safe operation of its plants during the new coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, maximizing the use of these experiences will provide the best service to the company.