iPhone 12 Details Exposure: ToF Sensors Surprise

According tomedia reports, this year Apple will release a number of 5G phones, there will still be a difference, and only the iPhone 12 Pro series will integrate all the new features, so the user who intends to switch, the ability or direct top version of it. Only two high-end iPhones, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will use ToF sensors this year, the report said.

ToF sensors bring a new AR experience to the iPhone. Apple will also launch a dedicated AR app to enhance playability.

ToF is a shorthand for Time of flight, which translates as flight time. The so-called flight time method 3D imaging is the distance of the target by continuously sending light pulses to the target and then using the sensor to receive the light returned from the object, and by detecting the flight (round-trip) time of the light pulse.

iPhone 12 Details Exposure: ToF Sensors Surprise

It is reported that before the iPhone 12 series, Apple will also use the feature in the next generation of iPad Pro, and will provide users with more AR play.

The previous industry chain has said that this year Apple will launch four 5G mobile phones, which will use TSMC’s 5nm A14 processor, compared with the previous generation of A13, the more advanced architecture, the new A14 performance is bound to be more powerful.

Last week there was a run-off score for the so-called A14 processor (Apple A14 is likely to become the first ARM phone processor to officially exceed 3GHz), with frequencies stacked to 3.1GHz, GK5 single-core 1658 points, and multi-core 4612 points.

How big is the a14’s lift? A13’s single-core, multi-core is 1329, 3468 points, compared to the A14’s single-core performance increased by 25%, multi-core increase of 33%, it is clear that this year the A14 is the silent second all-Android camp.

iPhone 12 Details Exposure: ToF Sensors Surprise