People rob toilet paper manufacturers in a fog

According tomedia reports, the new corona virus pandemic has taught people a lot about their own things and not all are good, such as the problem can not solve the problem of hoarding basic consumer goods behavior, hoarding one of the hot commodities is toilet paper. So why should people hoard toilet paper? This is a question that even toilet paper manufacturers cannot answer.

People rob toilet paper manufacturers in a fog

Tom Sellars, CEO of Sellars Materials, a company that makes a variety of paper materials, said he couldn’t understand why people were in a hurry to stock up on toilet paper, CNN reported. “If you ask me why everyone grabs toilet paper, I really can’t explain it. It’s not like we’re suddenly going to use more, but a surge in demand can put pressure on the supply chain. “

Several large health manufacturers say their orders have risen sharply and that while they are doing their best to increase production and deliver more toilet paper than usual, they simply cannot meet the rapidly growing demand.

Meanwhile, the American Forest and Paper Association, which represents paper products companies, says that despite the strange circumstances, its members are doing everything they can to solve the problem.

“Members of the American Forest and Paper Association (AF?amp;PA) are committed to the safety of our workforce and our end-users,” Heidi Brock, president of the AF?amp;PA, said in a statement. The industry is struggling to cope with a surge in demand for paper products caused by the new corona virus. Rest assured that paper towel products continue to be produced and transported. “

Some companies are openly urging consumers to be aware of what they are doing. Hoarding toilet paper can be pointless, and increasing pressure sons in the supply chain are making it harder for others to get the products they need.