(Pictured) New release of Windows Terminal: Finally supports mouse input

With the Microsoft Store, Microsoft today released a preview update for Windows Terminal (v.10). The most notable new feature of this update is the addition of support for mouse input and the ability to open new panes using the repeating profile of the panes.

(Pictured) New release of Windows Terminal: Finally supports mouse input

In the update log, write

Terminal now supports mouse input when windows for Linux (WSL) apps and Windows apps use virtual terminal (VT) input. This means that when you use apps like tmux and Midnight Commander, you can recognize mouse clicks in the Terminal window.

You can now open a new pane as a repeat profile with a pane. This can repeat “splitPane” in the list of key-bound commands by adding “splitMode”.

The following additional improvements have been introduced in this update

When the window is readjusted, its text behavior improves again

The border is no longer white when using a dark theme

If you automatically hide the taskbar and the terminal is maximized, the taskbar will appear as soon as you hover over the bottom of the screen.

Azure Cloud Shell can now run PowerShell, accept mouse input, and follow the shell you choose.

Touchpad and touch screen scrolling can now move at normal speed