Jack Ma: Never spend half an hour talking about making money, doing the right thing Money will naturally come to you

On November 8th Mr Ma tweeted another sentence at the International Economic Forum in Kiev, Ukraine, saying he had not spent more than half an hour discussing how to make money in the past 20 years. “Before you help others, make sure you’re successful and profitable, ” says Mr Ma. It makes no sense for some people to do something wrong by themselves and teach others how to succeed. ”

马云:从未花费半小时谈赚钱 做正确的事情钱自然会来

On the reasons for Alibaba’s success, Mr Ma said: “One of the reasons Alibaba has grown so fast is that I have never spent half an hour at the company in the last 20 years discussing how to make money. We’re talking about how to help small businesses solve problems. That’s what the CEO and the chairman do. (Host: But if you don’t make money the company won’t live) If you’re doing the right thing, the money will come. ”

“If you just think about money, one eye on RMB, one on dollar, no one wants to be friends with you, then you have no business, ” Mr Ma stressed. If you want to be a big business, help more people. “

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