Chrome 82 will improve privacy with new cookie settings

Google’s Chrome browser has made new strides in privacy, and a new logo has been added to its Canary version to give more control of cookies back to users. This experimental feature is available in Chrome 82 on the Android side, and there are two more cookies to manage. Currently, in Chrome 80 Stable on each platform, users can choose to allow/block cookies on all sites, or block only third-party sites.

In contrast, the new cookies user interface in Canary for Android shows four controls that also contain a short description of the cookies data:

Cookies are files created by websites you visit that use them to remember your preferences. Third-party cookies are created by other websites that have certain content, such as advertisements or images, that you see on the pages you visit.

In addition to adding instructions for cookies, a new option prevents websites from reading and saving cookie data in incognito mode. Browsing sessions in incognito mode begin with a blank internal profile, with no cookies or session data at first, which the user leaves when they visit the site, but when the incognito window is closed, the data is cleared.

Chrome 82 will improve privacy with new cookie settings

Unlike the previous cookie switch, it can be seen in the new interface that it is split into two options, Allow Cookies and Block All Cookies, which are also labeled “Not Recommended.” Because some websites may not work properly when restrictions are turned on.

Below the options are the same as before, and you can still manually add a whitelist of sites, regardless of settings.

The new cookie option enables the logo name “Enable improved cookie control s in in incognito mode” (the improved cookie control in the UI in incognito mode), and you can see that Chrome’s improvements to cookie settings are focused on incognito mode. You can find this option in the chrome://flags lab area.

Chrome 82 will improve privacy with new cookie settings

Experimental tags can also be found in the currently stable version of Chrome, but it seems that the new cookie menu will not be activated for the time being.

Source: bleepingcomputer