GitHub acquisition npm: The world open source is a company with a father called Microsoft

On March 16, 2020, the world’s open source community broke the news: GitHub announced the acquisition of npm. what’s npm? Package Manager for the JavaScript world. What’s the mass? Approximately 12 million developers use it, with 1.3 million packages and 75 billion monthly downloads.

GitHub acquisition npm: The world open source is a company with a father called Microsoft

Compared to Github’s 40 million developers and 100 million managed code, npm is also more than a quarter of the size by number of developers.

The exact amount of the acquisition was not disclosed. But the way the two developer communities announced their “marriage” was also special, with the two bosses posting a blog each to get a glimpse of the different moods.

Excitement and kindness

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, who is clearly no stranger to acquisitions, has been looking for Nat as CEO since Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of GitHub in June 2018 and Nat’s appointment as CEO in October.

GitHub acquisition npm: The world open source is a company with a father called Microsoft

Above, GitHub CEO Nat Friedman

During this time, Nat was constantly acquiring and stocking up, first Withabot, a tool that helps developers monitor dependencies, then Pull Panda, a team-developing tool, and then Semmle, a semantic analytics engine that identifies security vulnerabilities through community-driven. To npm, it is already the fourth target.

Of course, npm is more than just a tool, it’s already the most important component of JavaScript, the world’s largest developer ecosystem. Nat promises that npm will always be available and free for this tool, which is used by millions of developers every day. Once the deal is complete, GitHub also invests more to ensure that npm is fast, reliable, and scalable. [1]

With a rich father, from then on two into a family. Github hosts code under development, and npm is packaged stable code, which is a perfect match. This addresses the important global issue of open source security, which, with better integration, can improve the security of the open source supply chain, allowing developers to track changes from requests pulled from GitHub to fixing its npm package version, Nat said.

For paid users, npm has Premium, Team, Enterprise customers, while Github has its own multilingual package manager, Github Packages, which will converge later this year.

Isaac Z. Schlueter, npm’s founder, has published an exhilarating and sentimental blog compared to Nat Bowen. [2]

GitHub acquisition npm: The world open source is a company with a father called Microsoft

Above, npm founder Isaac Schluiter

He looks back on his entrepreneurial journey since 2009, earlier inspired by PHP’s PEAR, Perl’s CPAN, Isaac wrote a package manager to share with the community, with the rise of Node.js, JavaScript evolving from the front end to the server side, npm as the default package manager. It’s easy for developers to simplify the installation, update, and uninstall of libraries, and they’re growing.

Even in 2012, when Ryan Dahl, the founder of Node.js, left, Isaac helped manage it for a while. They were both colleagues at Joyent in San Francisco.

It’s really not easy to work while maintaining the open source community. At the end of 2013, when npm was in trouble and the community could n’or Greal is unable to survive on donations, Isaac founded npm, Inc., in 2014 to support the community and more than 10 million users.

After the seed round, npm added another $8 million Round of A in 2015. The team increased from 1 to 35. Isaac says running a company is hard, and money has never been enough.

But npm’s mission has remained the same: to reduce friction in JavaScript software development. Until the beta version of Github Packages came out, Isaac asked GitHub, “Why don’t you try to buy us?” “

Once the acquisition is complete, npm will continue to improve and will be a strategic asset to GitHub, the world’s largest developer community, serving GitHub’s mission to eliminate transaction costs in software development.

JavaScript Ecology

Wired magazine commented that Microsoft will soon be controlling more open source software development ecosystems.

In the open source world, ecology, tools and communities are complex, after all, no one wants to reinvent the wheel. Developers often combine programs and open source packages to handle common functions such as password verification or network communication.

npm’s customers include both individual developers and fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, VISA, Adobe, salesforce, and Nike.

JavaScript is available wherever there is the Internet and websites. It was born in 1995 with Netscape and eventually became the standard for client scripting languages for Web sites for almost every browser, such as Firefox and Chrome.

In 2008, Google introduced the JavaScript engine V8, which uses instant compilation, greatly reducing execution time. Node.js was born in 2009, combining the V8 engine to bring JavaScript to a server-side environment.

Node.js provides event-driven, multiple commands that can be run simultaneously, and can be used to write high-concurrent programs, combining JavaScript’s easy-to-learn and easy-to-use and Unix network programming.

Node.js’ open source libraries, mostof hosted at npm, form a strong developer ecosystem, including community activities such as NodeConf.

JavaScript developers can easily share code with npm, publish packages to npm, and easily use someone else’s open source code to create a vast, interdependent open source development ecosystem.

This is what JavaScript developers need every day, and everyone wants it to be more reliable and convenient.

Microsoft Family Bucket

The world open source is a family, now my father called Microsoft.

On the Reddit forum, various comments also blew up. [3]

Some netizens believe that this is a win-win for Microsoft and open source, Microsoft’s Azure can provide better services. Microsoft missed out on a mobile platform, and cloud computing is the next computing platform. Microsoft has a 40-year record of attracting developers.

Some netizens believe that more than half of the development kits on hand are provided by Microsoft, including GitHub, npm, VS Code, TypeScript, a company monopolizing the developer world is not a good thing.

Some netizens believe that the negative impression of Microsoft is too long, and that this is out of date, microsoft is now the biggest contributor to open source software, much more open than any company including Google, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, IBM.