Apple TV Plus’s first week on the line has been well received with millions of views

How’s the new streaming service, Apple TV Plus, more than a week on the line? As Apple’s first move to the streaming service, did it meet Apple’s expectations? Despite the lukewarm response from many commentators, the Apple TV Plus series gained “millions” of hits in its first week, an initial indication that Apple TV Plus was a success.

[图]Apple TV+上线首周成绩斐然 已获数百万观看点击

Although the first-week hit of The For All Mankind and The Morning Show was the main hit by Apple TV Plus, the editors of foreign broadcaster BGR said after watching that the two shows were not particularly good and were not enough to be sealed.

The first week of apple TV plus was the main push for four TV series, which, at the time of writing, scored on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Morning Show (62% critic rating, 95% audience rating)

For All Mankind (72% critic rating, 87% audience rating)

Dickinson (71% critic rating, 95% audience rating)

See (41% critic rating, 84% audience rating)

You can see that there is a huge difference in ratings between critics and audiences.

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