Ministry of Science and Technology: New Coronary Pneumonia Drug Treatment “China Program” Will Be Launched

What is the latest development in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of new coronal pneumonia, which depends on the scientific research of testing reagents, drugs and vaccines? The international epidemic situation is serious, China’s epidemic prevention and control of what practices can be used for the international community’s reference? On March 17, a press conference of the State Council’s Joint Defense and Control Mechanism was held in Beijing to introduce the latest development series on the research and development of drug vaccines and testing reagents for new coronary pneumonia.

Drugs such as fabivir show good clinical efficacy

Science and Technology Daily reporter sat at the press conference was informed that the scientific research team further strengthened the support and services of first-line clinical treatment.

Zhang Xinmin, director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that for the blocking of light and common-type to heavy-duty conversion, the focus is on promoting chloroquine phosphate, fabirazand and Chinese medicine, and for the treatment of heavy and critical patients, and on promoting the clinical application of plasma, tobed monoantigen, stem cells and artificial liver during the recovery period, good progress has been made.

“The clinical studies of Fabilawe have been completed and shown good clinical results. Zhang Xinmin said that Fabilawe was approved for the market in Japan in 2014 and no significant adverse reactions were found in clinical studies to treat new coronary pneumonia.

Clinical studies on effectiveness showed that the Phapilvir trial group was better than the control group from the improvement of viral nucleic acid to chest imaging, to clinical recovery rate, average heat relief time, average cough relief time, etc. At the same time, in February this year, domestic enterprises have obtained the State Drug Administration drug registration approval, and achieve mass production, clinical drug supply is guaranteed.

“In view of the good safety of Fabilawi, clear efficacy, medicine, after the scientific research team organization experts fully demonstrated, has been formally recommended to the medical treatment team, recommended as soon as possible into the diagnosis and treatment program.” Zhang Xinmin said that the next step, the scientific research team will further promote the application of the results in Wuhan, and in view of the current international outbreak situation, the introduction of drug treatment in China.

In response to a question from a reporter for Science and Technology Daily, Zhang Xinmin said that stem cell therapy can effectively reduce the severe inflammatory reaction caused by the new coronavirus in the patient’s body, reduce lung damage, and have a positive effect on reducing lung fibrosis in patients, and have a unique advantage in improving the long-term prognosis of patients with new coronary pneumonia. The results show that stem cell treatment of new coronary pneumonia patients safe and effective, generally 8-10 days can reach the level of cure.

New crown vaccine development begins to recruit volunteers

China is carrying out the emergency development of the new corona vaccine according to the five technical routes.

In this regard, Wang Junzhi, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: “China’s new crown vaccine research and development progress is currently in the overall international advanced ranks, will not be slower than foreign countries.” He said that the vaccine into clinical trials must complete pharmacological studies, effectiveness studies and safety studies. In general, a sample of a qualified vaccine must be produced before it can enter clinical trials after it has been shown to be safe and effective in animal trials.

Wang Junzhi revealed that China has made relatively rapid progress in research and development units, to the State Drug Administration rolling submission of clinical trial application materials, and has carried out clinical trial program demonstration, recruitment of volunteers and other related work. After the approval of the State Drug Administration in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, clinical trials shall begin.

In the development of vaccines, the role of animal models is critical.

Qin Chuan, a researcher at the Institute of Medical Experimental Animals of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said animal models play an important role in scientists’ understanding of diseases, pathogens, transmission pathways, drug screening, vaccine research and development, and so on.

What is an animal model? Qinchuan made an image metaphor, is the laboratory developed the new crown “patient”. Vaccines and drugs are tested for this particular “patient” before they can be used on real patients.

“Animal models now play a role in three. Qin Chuan further explained that, first, to clarify the route of transmission of the virus, the study of aerosols, manure mouth transmission and other ways of the possibility. Second, for drug screening, rapid screening of effective drugs has been applied to clinical treatment. Third, to verify the effectiveness of the vaccine, there are currently 8 kinds of vaccines in the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences effectiveness evaluation, some vaccine effectiveness evaluation work has been completed.

University research teams are also accelerating vaccine research and development. Lei Chaozhi, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, said that the Ministry of Education began to mobilize the scientific research team of Xiamen University, Sichuan University and other advantageous universities from the Spring Festival, focusing on the three technical routes of influenza virus vector vaccine, recombinant protein vaccine, nucleic acid vaccine, and coordinating with research institutes and related enterprises to speed up the development of the new coronapneumonia vaccine.

Lei said that the influenza virus vector vaccine is expected to complete the pre-clinical study of the candidate vaccine by the end of April and apply for clinical trials, recombinant protein vaccine has been carried out in mice and rabbits animal experiments, nucleic acid vaccine research will be based on early technical accumulation and scientific research results, as soon as possible to verify safety and efficacy.

Contribute China’s wisdom and Strength to the Global Epidemic

The new crown epidemic is not only a challenge for China, but also a common challenge facing all countries in the world.

“We are guided by the actual combat, with virus mechanism research to guide the practice of epidemic prevention and control, vigorously promote the combination of drug, medical equipment research and development and clinical treatment, we widely apply high-tech, use big data to carry out public opinion trend research and judgment, we integrate multidisciplinary strength, strengthen scientific research support and service front line of treatment deployment, Let the results of scientific research more tilt to the clinical front line. Zhang Xinmin said that these prevention and control strategies, technical achievements and standards have been tested in practice and that China is willing to share with the international community in adhering to the concept of the Community of Human Destiny.

Zhang Xinmin said that in the sharing of knowledge, the Chinese scientific research team first shared the virus whole gene sequence with the World Health Organization. In addition, the National Biological Information Center released the “2019 New Coronary Virus Resource Library” and the National Microbiological Science Data Center released the Global Coronary Virus Group Data Sharing and Analysis System to support global virus genome sequence release and data analysis of viral genome variation; Research results for the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia shared exchange platform, as of March 16, there have been 97 kinds of journals online, the platform 661 related fields of research papers and case review, more than 2 million views …

On drug screening research and development, Zhang Xinmin said that China has made available to the world the results of the new coronal pneumonia treatment program and drug screening, and that key drugs such as Fapiravir, recovery plasma and Chinese medicine have been provided to the countries affected by the outbreak. In vaccine research and development, China has a number of enterprises or scientific research institutions to cooperate with foreign countries to promote the development of new crown vaccines. (Reporter Tang Fang Liu)