State Council Resumes Work Research Shanghai Working Group Investigates Tesla’s Shanghai Plant

Reporter 18 from Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was informed that the State Council resumed production research Shanghai Working Group, the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone Lingang New District Management Committee of more than 30 people went to Tesla Shanghai Super Factory yesterday to carry out re-production research. Wang Yuwen, head of the research team, vice-minister of commerce and deputy representative of international trade negotiations, spoke highly of the exemplary leadership role played by Tesla’s Shanghai super factory during the resumption of production, and fully affirmed Tesla’s advanced experience in achieving epidemic prevention and production.

State Council Resumes Work Research Shanghai Working Group Investigates Tesla's Shanghai Plant

Wang Yuwen on-site inspection of China’s manufacturing standard battery life upgrade Model 3 (right)

At Tesla’s China assembly plant, the team conducted research and showed strong interest in the Chinese-made standard-renewal and upgraded Model 3. Not only did Mr. Wang personally experience a model 3 that had just come off the line, but he also asked Tesla staff at the scene about Tesla’s actions in response to the outbreak at the store end, and praised Tesla’s online sales model and store contactless test drive model.

With the support and help of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Lingang New Area Management Committee, Tesla China has overcome many previously unchallenged difficulties and resumed production on February 10, 2020, making it one of the first large enterprises in China to start re-production. Tesla’s resumption of production, on the one hand to ensure the rapid delivery of its own products, on the other hand, also effectively led to a large number of upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises and institutions in a timely start, for China’s overall new energy vehicle industry has made a strong role in promoting the healthy development.

In February 2020, Tesla China’s new car deliveries accounted for 30 percent of the country’s total new energy vehicle sales, according to the China Automobile Circulation Association. As the outbreak eases, Tesla China is accelerating further, continuing to promote the development of China’s new energy vehicle industry, providing Chinese consumers with more and better products and services.