Alameda County considers Tesla plant “unnecessary business activity”: or to be temporarily closed

Tesla is not a necessary business activity, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department in California, according tomedia. Tesla could be asked to close some of its operations in the county under a local policy on new crown pneumonia. On Monday, local time, Alameda County, which includes Fremont, where Tesla’s plant is located, issued a home stay order ingress, requiring the closure of all non-essential commercial premises in the area, including bars, gyms and restaurants.


Tesla, however, has retained operations at its Fremont plant in defiance of the ban, saying some of its operations are not subject to the county’s ban. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email that the company will continue to operate at the Fremont plant. Model S, Model X, Model 3 and now Model Y are all known to be assembled at the plant. But according to multiple media outlets, Musk did tell employees that if they felt a little more comfortable, they could rest at home.

And a few days ago, Musk’s email to employees of spaceX, another of his companies, appeared to play down the impact of the deadly virus.

Now, Alameda County officials are determining whether Tesla can really get an exemption. On Tuesday afternoon local time, the county sheriff said on Twitter that Tesla was not an important business under the Alameda County Health Order. “Tesla can maintain minimum basic operations under Alameda County’s health order,” he wrote, though he did not elaborate on the meaning of “minimum basic operations” or whether it would be able to produce cars there.