Europeans and American people start home, streaming time soars over the weekend

March 18 (UPI) — The amount of time users around the world watch ingresced by 20 percent over the past weekend, including Austria and Spain, according to new data released by Wur, a company that provides video and advertising services to online television, according tomedia reports.

Europeans and American people start home, streaming time soars over the weekend

Researchers have found that people are watching content on Netflix and Amazon’s online gaming site Twitch more often. SensorTower’s data also showed that Netflix installed 34 percent and 57 percent of its apps in Spain and Italy, respectively, last week.

Sean Doherty, Wurl’s chief executive, said: “While video streaming is far from the most important thing on the global agenda, there will be an indirect major shift in the industry as a result of the outbreak. “This growth has been driven by the collapse of many leisure and entertainment activities, such as restaurants, cinemas closing, sports competitions and concert cancellations.

Media companies have abandoned their normal strategy to meet the growing demand for programming from those trapped at home. Universal Pictures, which is owned by cable giant Comcast, first offered home-rent before the three films were released. Disney, on the other hand, released “Frozen 2” on its streaming service months in advance.

As reports of a new coronavirus outbreak surge and more people are trapped in their homes, the number of people watching live television is also on the rise. But for the foreseeable future, most TV shows and filmproductions have stopped, which could lead to a shortage of new programming.

Streaming services are in a good position because consumers want to see their on-demand bibliographies, not live streams. Moreover, these services have been stocked with a number of programs to be released in the coming weeks. Traditional television networks must be broadcast 24 hours a day, with media such as CBS, Turner and ESPN competing to replace the suspended live sports program.

This opens the door to non-traditional forms of programming, such as family concerts. On Tuesday, singer John Legend performed at home and streamed it live on Instagram, with an audience of nearly 100,000 people.

The gaming industry is least affected by the outbreak, as players have long played games or watched live in fixed places. Doron Nir, chief executive of StreamElements, a service and tool provider in the gaming industry, said Twitch’s audience had increased by 10 per cent in the past few days and YouTube Gaming had grown by 15 per cent.

“As more people around the world choose to work from home and the entertainment industry findnew ways to move products to live-streaming platforms, we expect these numbers to continue to rise,” Neal said in an email. “