“Grand Theft Auto 5” still sells well in the past six months and sells 5 million copies.

The news may seem routine, but every time you see it, it’s not just a lament. R Star’s classic Open World crime game is still selling well. In May, it was reported that the cumulative sales of Grand Theft Auto 5 had reached the 110 million mark. That number rose to 115 million in the year to November, according to the latest Take Two results. That means The Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold another 5 million copies in the past six months.

《侠盗猎车5》依然畅销 近半年售出500万份

Obviously, The Grand Theft Auto 5 is so popular thanks in large part to its online model, with new players joining GTA OL every day. It also means that Grand Theft Auto 5 has become the third-highest-grossing game in history, behind Russia Square and Minecraft. If compared with other games, Grand Theft Auto 5 is 10 times the equivalent of “Legends of Zelda: The WildNess,” six times as many as “The Witcher 3: A Huntsman” and 2 times as many as Wilderness Survival: The Great Escape.

“I think the player base is growing, and if you’re over 17, you basically have to play the game,” says Strauss Zelnick, the new Two boss. “

“Don’t forget that this game was developed for generations with the last console. A new version was introduced after the advent of contemporary consoles. And six years after the start can still be as an industry benchmark, which is a very shocking thing. “

Other works released by Take Two have also performed well, with 26.5 million copies shipped from Red Dead Redemption 2 and 7 million copies of borderlands 3, and Take Two saying 70 percent of its sales were through digital channels.

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