Under the outbreak, “shared employees” rise, employees are making money

This is due to the limited movement of personnel and the inconsistent progress of the resumption of work in various industries in various regions. After the Spring Festival, a large number of part-time, temporary and flexible working and other flexible forms of employment, has become an important part of the resumption of work.

Chef dry e-commerce shares staff picking busy 

某电商平台共享拣货员 杨涛:今天是我做共享拣货员的第32天,之前是寿司厨师。

Yang Tao, 37, is an experienced Japanese chef. After this year’s Spring Festival, Yang Tao’s restaurant has faced unprecedented challenges.

An e-commerce platform share picker Yang Tao: When I came to the supermarket, sushi restaurant a day also a few hundred yuan of water, two or three single business, because people dare not come out.

Yang Tao, who needs more income, found that in Beijing in early February, many e-commerce platforms were recruiting temporary “shared employees”. This kind of “shared employees” pay wages on time, and the difficulty of working is not great.

Considering that once the business improves, you need to adjust your working hours at any time and leave for the restaurant to help, Yang Tao immediately decided to choose this “shared employee” job to solve his immediate needs.

Like Yang Tao, Wang Shengxiang recently became a “shared employee”. The difference is that he shares his working hours with two different jobs in the same business.


Wang Shengxiang: From the initial single I want to pick an hour, now a thousand yuan of large list, a single has more than forty items, will be done in twenty minutes.

Wang Shengxiang told reporters that just before the Spring Festival, he was also a special responsible for corporate publicity staff. After the Spring Festival, his supermarket first-line picker shortage, he and some in the administrative, personnel department of the staff, the initiative to request a temporary change of staff, to ensure the operation of the supermarket.

Carrefour Beijing Shuangjing shop share picker Wang Shengxiang: Sharing employees is in a sudden situation, resulting in a new model of cooperation between employees. Some employees can not reach the corresponding positions, between the exchange of employees to maintain the operation of the enterprise.

Emergency training on duty Flexible employment insurance orders 

Flexible employment has allowed some employees of slower-than-productive companies to earn more income, and flexible employment has also helped companies speed up the resumption of production during the outbreak.

Since late February, a computer industry base in Anhui has welcomed more than 700 employees from restaurants in the Yangtze River Delta region. After intensive training, these former chefs, cashiers, and restaurateurs became production line workers.

Lenovo (Hefei) production base head Qu Songtao: sharing staff mainly do some relatively simple assembly work, for our enterprise itself to help a lot. For enterprises that have not yet returned to work, the pressure on personnel management and staff costs has been further released.

Qu Songtao told reporters that thanks to the help of these employees, a total of 800,000 computer orders can be delivered on schedule, is being sent to Europe, South America and many countries.

Research shows that china’s flexible employment ratio is currently around 9%, with Japan’s 42% and the Average in Europe and the United States more than 30% is still far from. During the outbreak, similar cross-line mutual assistance phenomenon is increasing, mainly because of the current imbalance in labor resources.

Hu Naijun, deputy director of Tsinghua University’s Employment and Social Security Research Center: The situation of the resumption of work in various industries and enterprises is not the same, some enterprises have some people who do not work, some enterprises belong to the work no one to do. In the current outbreak, it is desirable to share employees during the process of re-entry.

Experts say that sharing employees, flexible employment is a very broad concept, highlighted in a “live” word. At present, a number of local governments, including Chengdu, Guangdong, Dongguan, Anhui, and Hefei, Anhui Province, have begun to establish a suitable employment information matching platform for flexible employment. The local government encourages the phased resumption of work in various local industries through various forms such as “sharing employees” and “flexible employees” and hourly workers.

Hu Naijun, deputy director of Tsinghua University’s Center for Employment and Social Security Research: Many places simply let companies that have no one live and no one alive match each other. The local government set up a platform, on top of this platform, each enterprise to register, whether the number of people or live more, and then reasonable deployment of manpower.