Google announces suspension of Chrome and Chrome OS updates

Google announced today that it will temporarily suspend updates to Chrome and Chrome OS, giving priority to security and stability. The full text of the announcement reads: “We are suspending upcoming versions of Chrome and Chrome OS due to the current schedule adjustment.” Our main objective is to ensure that they continue to work reliably, securely and reliably with anyone who depends on them”.

Google announces suspension of Chrome and Chrome OS updates

“We will continue to prioritize all security-related updates that will be included in Chrome 80. Follow this blog for updates.”

Typically, updates to Chrome and Chrome OS are released every six weeks, and Google has chosen to temporarily discontinue the release of the new version due to work schedule changes brought about by remote work.

Yesterday, the day before the announcement, Chrome developers also posted about new features for Chrome 81 and said Chrome 81 was coming soon. Google has not said when such a outage will end, and it now looks like it will have to wait a little longer.

Google announces suspension of Chrome and Chrome OS updates

TechCrunch, themedia, points out that the global impact of the new crown outbreak has led to a significant reduction in the number of people in Google’s offices and a number of employees working from home, which has affected the development of Chrome and Chrome OS projects, and that it is not just the two projects mentioned above, Android Audits of the application are also affected and may take longer.

The same is true of YouTube, which now censors video content more through AI to keep employees safe, which also raises the issue of false positives for offending videos. Many video content that does not violate YouTube’s terms may not pass due to AI censorship.

As most technology companies adopt the home-office model, the impact of the crisis will become more pronounced, and we may see more of these announcements.