TikTok announces members of the External Expert Committee: will assist in the development of mitigation and content policies

In October, TikTok hired corporate law firm K. And;L. Gates to advise on the company’s regulatory policies and other issues that plagued the social media platform,media reported. As part of its hard work, TikTok said it would create a new committee of experts to advise businesses on issues such as child safety, hate speech, misinformation, cyberbullying and other potential issues. Today, TikTok announced a list of technical and security experts who will be members of the company’s first committee.

TikTok announces members of the External Expert Committee: will assist in the development of mitigation and content policies

The committee, known as the TikTok Content Advisory Council, will be a professor at George Washington University School of Law and a professor at the Global Internet Freedom Project Co-Director Dawn Nunziato is Chairman. Nunziato will specialize in free speech issues and content regulation — and that’s exactly what TikTok’s short board is about.

“A company that is willing to open its doors to outside experts to help shape upcoming policies has shown maturity and humility,” Nunziato said of her entry. She added: “I’d like to work with TikTok because they have made it clear that they will take content reviews seriously, be willing to accept feedback and understand the importance of this area to their community and the future of healthy public discourse.”

TikTok said it planned to expand the commission to about 12 experts. According to the company, other members of the Committee also include:

Rob Atkinson – Foundation for Information Technology and Innovation, bringing academic, private and government experience and knowledge of technology policy;

Hany Farid – University of California, Berkeley School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Information, is a well-known expert in digital image and video forensics, computer vision, deep forgery and robust hashing;

Mary Anne Franks – University of Miami School of Law, focusing on the intersection of law and technology and will provide valuable insights into industry challenges including discrimination, security, and online identity;

Vicki Harrison – Stanford University Center for Adolescent Mental Health and Well-Being Psychiatry, as a social worker who understands the overall needs of children and adolescents, and becomes a crossroads between social media and mental health;

Dawn Nunziato – Dean of the George Washington University School of Law, internationally recognized expert on freedom of expression and content regulation;

David Ryan Polgar – All Tech Is Human, a leader in technology ethics, digital citizenship, and the complex challenges of aligning social interests and technology priorities;

Dan Schnur – The Annenberg Center for Communication at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Berkeley Institute for Government Studies, will bring valuable experience and insights into political communication and voter information.

It is understood that TikTok’s new advisory board will begin meeting with the company’s U.S. leadership at the end of this month, which will focus on key key issues and, initially, policy-making around false information and election meddling.

Vanessa Pappas, TikTok’s US general manager, said: ‘All of their actions now include the committee being set up to help them focus on creating an interesting, authentic experience for their community, which is why the platform is so popular.” We hope that by engaged in thoughtful dialogue and gaining honest feedback, we hope to find effective ways to support the integrity of the platform, prevent potential misuse, and protect the interests of all those who use our platform. “