Courier driver batch Amazon: only 1 pack of sterilised wipes to clean the delivery truck

March 19, according tomedia reports, more than 20 Amazon Express drivers recently reported that before starting work, the company only gave each person a pack of sterilised wipes, used to clean a delivery truck shared by many people. The drivers were part of a company that had a delivery contract with Amazon, which they initially thought was a joke.

Courier driver batch Amazon: only 1 pack of sterilised wipes to clean the delivery truck


Realizing that this was not the case, they began to study how to use the wipes to clean delivery trucks shared with other drivers, and the cars were filled with boxes that were touched by unknown people.

Some drivers are angry about cleaning them out because they often touch them, while others focus on scrubbing the steering wheel and doorknobs. One of the drivers said: “I feel so helpless. Are we really worried, is it really safe to clean the delivery truck with a small amount of sanitized wipes? “

Across the United States, drivers delivering Amazon packages provide valuable public services by delivering household essentials to their homes and helping consumers avoid stores, which may minimize the spread of the new coronavirus. However, many drivers feel fearand and resentful as they see friends and family being urged to stay at home and are told to continue working with their own consequences.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, which tracks workerbehavior, couriers are more susceptible to illness or virus estomer while working than most other types of work. If enough Amazon drivers get sick, or stay at home for fear of infection, the retail giant’s logistics machine may struggle to deliver on its promises to shoppers.