New iPad Pro lidar scanner turns living room into AR version of “Hot Lava”

The new iPad Pro’s lidar scanner could turn the living room into a realistic (AR) version of Hot Lava, according tomedia. Hot Lava is a video game designed to protect children’s entertainment, and toys can jump on to furniture to avoid simulated floor lava.

While Hot Lava is already on stream, Apple Arcade remains its exclusive platform on mobile clients. According to Apple, the lidar scanner on the new iPad Pro will enable the new AR model of Hot Lava, which will be available later this year. “

Motion demo

In addition to the AR version of Hot Lava, Apple also showed reporters some of the other impressive uses of lidar scanners at a press conference. One is the CAD app Shapr3D, which creates a 3D model of the room in the app by scanning a room, which the user can then expand, add new objects to the room, and use AR to view objects added to the actual room. Another demonstration is the anatomy app Complete Anatomy, which uses a lidar scanner to measure the range of motion of a person’s arm in real time. The IKEA Place app can also scan a room with Apple’s feature and get a matching furniture recommendation, allowing users to see the effect of the put-on in the AR.

Apple said all of the demos will be available later this year as features for their respective apps.

In addition, the new iPad Pro comes with two cameras, a regular wide-angle lens and an extra-wide lens, and an A12Z bionic chip that is compatible with the new Magic Keyboard cover. It is reported that the new iPad Pro will be released on March 25.