Twitter updates security policy: Tweets that could fuel new corona virus spread

Twitter has updated its security policy in response to the current severe outbreak of new coronaviruses, and it will ban platform users from posting tweets that could increase the risk of people spreading the virus,media reported. It is understood that the new policy will prohibit the publication of tweets that reject expert guidance, promote false or ineffective treatment, prevent and diagnose techniques, and mislead other users by pretending to come from health authorities or specialists.

Twitter updates security policy: Tweets that could fuel new corona virus spread

In this case, Twitter said, it will ask users to delete the tweets.

Given these new guidelines, Twitter will have a lot of work to do next. Under the rules, a tweet that claims “social distance is invalid” will be deleted. Twitter will also ask users to delete tweets that make people do something ineffective or dangerous — even if they’re made out of a joke.

In addition, Twitter has banned tweets calling on people to take action and encourage other users to do things that go the opposite of what the health department suggests, such as ” New Corona is a scam, it’s not true – go out and visit your local bar!! “This kind of content. In recent days, there have also been criticisms of politicians for similar remarks, including Republican Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California), who encouraged Viewers of Fox Business to “go out… Go to your local bar.”

The rule would also ban people from acting as “doctors on paper” on Twitter and making statements such as “If you’re a wet cough, it’s not a new corona virus – it should be a dry cough.” Other racially based statements like John McAfee’s Twitter post that “the new corona virus will not attack black people” are not allowed to be posted on the platform.