Tesla to produce ventilators in case of shortage, Musk says

Musk’s decision to continue operating the Fremont Tesla plant has faced widespread criticism in the wake of the new corona virus outbreak in the United States. Asked if the plant would be used to build a ventilator, Musk said he would produce a ventilator if there was a shortage. Many people with the new coronavirus take a long time to connect to a ventilator to help them breathe during their recovery, and predictions suggest that if a seriously ill patient needs treatment at the same time, the number of ventilators in the United States will be far from adequate.

To that end, Musk replied, “If there is a shortage, we will produce ventilators.” Nate Silver, editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight, says there is a shortage.

Musk went on to say: “The ventilator is not difficult, but it cannot be produced immediately.” Which hospitals are in short supply now?”

Tesla to produce ventilators in case of shortage, Musk says

While some of Musk’s previous tweets neednot be taken seriously, he has provided useful follow-up to other cases, such as donating water filtration systems and buying laptops for schools in Flint last year.

It’s worth noting that Tesla’s vehicle assembly plant in Fremont, California, will keep only 2,500 employees in basic operations and has been asked not to produce electric vehicles for the time being. For now, Musk’s recent tweets insist that “panic” is more harmful than the virus itself. (engadget)