Community social app Nextdoor pushes ‘Help Map’ to help users cope with new crown outbreak

Nextdoor, a social networking app designed around the local community, has launched a new interactive map that will allow neighbors to help each other during the new corona virus outbreak,media reported. The tool, called Help Map, lets users mark themselves as helping to do anything, from shopping in the store to babysitting.

Community social app Nextdoor pushes 'Help Map' to help users cope with new crown outbreak

The tool will be available in the U.S. starting today and will be available in international markets later this week. The company also said it would roll out group features around the world to bring neighbors together during a crisis.

When a user adds to a help map, their name, home location, and profile picture are displayed in the local community, and the user can list specific sits to help neighbors on top of them, and other members can send messages to them on the platform if they need their help.

But the premise of these help is to make sure that the advice of health agencies such as WHO and the CDC is followed — to ensure that you wash your hands regularly, to keep a six-foot distance from others, and so on. The best way to help community members is to isolate yourself if you find yourself with any flu-like symptoms.

Meanwhile, new group features for social networks are being tested. Although the feature has been on Nextdoor for some time, the new version will allow users to create groups with people farther away from each other, rather than being confined to near-neighbors. Nextdoor says the company has recently created more group features as people grapple with the reality of social alienation.

Nextdoor is one of a number of technology companies that have recently helped people cope with the new coronavirus outbreak. Like Google’s plan to launch an outbreak later this week, Microsoft’s Bing team has also produced an interactive map that tracks the number of new crowns worldwide.